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How To Find Rare Pokemon [Simple Method]

How To Find Rare Pokemon [Simple Method]

How To Find Rare Pokemon [Simple Method] - catch 'em all... just not by hand.

How to Use 
1. Download bot
2. Extrack Bot
3. Edit File User.xml. Than input your username & pass
4. Open bot
5. Go to pokesnipers
6. input pokemon name
7. Copy the link of those direction" the last part of it separated by / is the location of the Pokemon. 
Example In my case it was : 40.788268154987, -73.968539742814 
8. got it

Indonesia : 
1. Download bot
2. Ekstrak botnya
3. Edit file user.xml , input username sama passnya
4. Buka botnya
5. Buka site
6. Masukin nama pokemonnya
7. Masukin letaknya
8. Dapet deh 

[Bot PokemonGO] Download PokeCrot | New Update | Auto Bot Farmign Level UP Pokemon
Download PokeGOBot GreenGold Edition

If Succesfully : 

PokeSniper2 1.7
Can now choose which Pokemon to catch based on catch list, minimum CP, minimum IV. Added Logging. Bugfixes

Download Bot v2.1.7


PokeSniper2 1.8
Fixed API rate problem. Fixed autosniping Farfetch'd and Mr.Mime. Added settings <ShowUsernameInTitle> and <CatchEverything> for the autosniper.


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