[ GO BOT ] Bot Pokemon Go for Android APK - 3xploi7 BuG

[ GO BOT ] Bot Pokemon Go for Android APK

[ GO BOT ] Bot Pokemon Go for Android APK - 

- Autowalk [ through predefined routes or random walking arround point you set on map ]
- Catching pokemons [ You can choose if u want to use razz-berry on pokemons with cp higher then ur value ]
- Looting pokestops
- Transfering pokemons [ You choose whats max CP to evolve. Bot will always keep the strongest of a kind ]
- Auto Catch Pokemon 
- Auto Loot Pokestop 
- 4 Speed Options 
- Clean Potions & Revives 
- Evolving pokemons [ You choose min CP to evolve ]
- Hatch eggs
- Auto Transfer Pokemon
- Auto Evolve Pokemon 
- Hatch Eggs
- 4 speed options [ Slow, Medium, High, Super fast ]
- Clean potions and revives ( to make space for pokeballs )

Bot settings documentation: 
- Use predefined routes - This means bot will walk via predefined route you choose. Currently there are 7 avalible predefined routes but I'm working on feature that will allow you to manually create route.
- Route - If u choose option 'Use predefined routes' u must select a route to use otherwise bot will crash.
- Speed - this is actually bot speed, how fast bot you want. Take care because too fast might be suspicios
- Transfer pokemons - This is used to tell bot to transfer pokemons. Also u need to say bot maximum CP of pokemons to transfer. Bot will always keep strongest of a kind.
- Evolve pokemons - This is used to tell a bot to evolve pokemons. U must choose minimum CP of pokemon to evolve.
- Hatch eggs - Pretty self descriptive
- Clean potion and revives - If selected, bot will periodicly remove all potions and revives.
- Use raspberies to catch pokemon - Self descriptive :) U can choose min CP of pokemon to use razz berry on. Default is 500

Working on:
Manually create own route
Pokemon catch/transfer/evaluate filter

How to use:
- Install APK
- Open settings tab and set up loggin info.
- Open bot settings and set them up !

TIP: If you do not use routes, just place marker on map for your start location and press start

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When u setted your settings, go back to main activity and press start :) Happy botcatching pokemons :D

Download =>> 

GO Simulator 1.20. APK

Update versi 1.20.0!! 
 Added import/export settings funcionality

Videos : 

Download ==>

Update v.1.22.0
(20 Oct 2016 )


3xploi7 Team

11 Responses to "[ GO BOT ] Bot Pokemon Go for Android APK"

  1. Help! He doesnt farm pokestop or pokemon and doesnt earn xp. He just runs around. Why?

    1. Yeah I agree, this is not working. Even if it moves checked my pogo, the distance it walked is still zero

  2. Apakah masih work bot nya??,kok mirip bot simulator ya

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