CATCH ‘EM Bot v1.4.5.0 | Ban Danger : Very Low - 3xploi7 BuG

CATCH ‘EM Bot v1.4.5.0 | Ban Danger : Very Low

CATCH ‘EM Bot v1.4.5.0 | Ban Danger : Very Low

CATCH ‘EM Bot v1.4.5.0 | Ban Danger : Very Low - BOT Pokemon GO which I will share this time will be a little different with a bot that I share previously. Catch 'em is a bot pokemon that go where you can be free to set the course bot and also you can control the device android emulator which will you wear. Besides that of course in this bot pasted anti softban.

The advantages of Catch 'em this is certainly at display, because the bot has a view that is not boring and very easy to use for people and also the bot is able to run multiple accounts pokemon go, so you are happy the make multi bot does not need to be tired anymore open many applications bot, simply by wearing these boots you can run multiple accounts.

Features (from PokeMobBot) project and more
PTC / Google Login
Get Map Objects and Inventory
Live map showing Pokéstops and farming path
Pokémon Lists Settings (To Envolve/Not To Transfer/Not to Catch/To Use Masterball
Search for Pokéstop
Farm Pokéstops
Farm all Pokémon in the neighbourhood
Evolve Pokémon
Transfer Pokémon
Powerup Pokémon
Auto-Recycle uneeded items
View all Pokémon CP/IV %
Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon
Output level and needed XP for levelup
Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokémon/hour in Console Title
Automatic use of Razzberries
Automatic incubation
Discovery pathing function -> bot continue to walk in radom direction from pokestop to pokestop, it pick closest pokestop each turn!
Force move option, just double click to the map and bot will start moving there!
Proxy support
All settings from UI
You can set startup location from the map, just select the bot (don't hit Start), go to the map tab, and just double-click to desired position
Full controll of your inventory/pokemons
Smooth controll of movement speed on the run via MoveSpeedFactor slider
Make map follow your player

New features and fixes:
New Auto tutorial state
Stability changes for API
Added desired nickname to batch creator
Batch creator fix, now it doesn't dupe settings
New hourly limits, XP/h, Stardust/h
Major api update.
Niantic api call failure should be fixed now.

Hourly limits usage

Now you can disable any of hourly limit by setting it's to 0



Changelog [ Catch'em Bot V1.4.6.1 ]

Added checkbox to skip limited incubators
Added button to randomize all android info
Reworked Session hash logic
Reworked logging feature, now all logs should be fine (text one)
Minor fixes
Minor delay fixes
Better error handling while tutorial state
Bot will skipp that transfer/recycle routine at start, if u like it, there is new settings in config file=> BeLikeRobot
Refresh poke/item lists fixed bug fixed

Downloads ==>>

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