[RELEASE] Clash Royale BOT v1.0.5 | Free Download - 3xploi7 BuG

[RELEASE] Clash Royale BOT v1.0.5 | Free Download

Download Clash Royale BOT

[RELEASE] Clash Royale BOT v1.0.5 | Free Download - This is the first version of Clash Royale Bot, where you can do a lot of things totally away from keyboard, while playing other games on computer, checking websites, watching movies, etc.

Other updates are comming with new extra features to make your life easier and to make Clash Royale Bot the best bot around!

Some features that you will find on Clash Royale Bot:
-Unlock Chests
-Upgrade Cards
-Request Cards
-Open Unlocked Chest
-Open Free Chest
-Donate Cards
-Open 10 Crowns Chest
-And much more!!!

Changelog 1.0.5:

- Fixed the "Request Panel" not been recognized in some computers.
- Fixed the chest opener not working with all chest after the last Clash Royale update.
- Added support to the bot interact with "Super Magical Chests".

How to install
> You must have at least Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 installed. Windows XP is NOT supported.
Install BlueStacks App Player 0.9.xx.xxxx or 0.10.x.xxxx / Memu emulator

You must have the following software installed:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or latest version
Download the latest version of Clash Royale Bot
Extract the files using WinRAR
Open BlueStacks (if not already opened)
Open ClashRoyaleBot.exe file and Login with your forum e-mail/password
Change the configurations and press "Start"

Don't bring your Cursor Inside the BlueStacks while bottting.
Don't minimize BlueStacks while bottting.
Clash Royale must run with "English" language.
You must change your computer's Sleep Settings to "Never Sleep".
DPI scaling must be 100%.

Aero must be Enabled for working background mode:


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x.x 
Clash Royale Bot 
Clas Royal Bot

Download ==>

3xploi7 Team

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