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LoL ( League Of Legend ) Account Checker v6.16

LoL Account Checker 6.16

LoL ( League Of Legend ) Account Checker v6.16 - LoL Acc Checker is based from the original account checker (madk), but is modified (In a good way Kappa) I've made it more detailed (check below), it has faster performance, and has no bugs! If you do find a bug, be sure to notify me and I'll fix it ASAP! This account checker will also be updated by me every League Patch, and it will also get updates for new champions, skins, regions, runes, etc.

This program is Made by a person who has bad internet, and is made for people who have bad internet aswell. This account checker is very network and pc conserving; However, it is ultra-fast aswell.

Guide : 
1. Open the settings.json file. (Sometimes .json wont be shown, itll just be labeled settings.)
1a. If windows doesn't recognize the file, choose the option to pick your own program, and select Notepad.

Notice the red dots next to ClientVersion and DataDragonVersion, these are the two values you will be changing.

2. Open your league client, after clicking launch, you should see these numbers at the top of the client.

3. Highlight the numbers and press Ctrl + V, go back to the settings.json and paste those into the ClientVersion. Make sure to keep the formatting of the numbers, and text document.

4. Now you need to also get the DataDragonVersion, to do this go to and copy the version number as shown in the picture:

5. Put this version number where DataDragonVersion belongs. 

6. Thats it, your ready for the newest patch.

Requirements for the program:

Windows 7 or later (RIP XP)

.NET Framework 4.5 or later


Download ==>>

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