Necrobot v0.8.0 WITH Auto Snipe Pokemon | SPEEDIER THAN EVER - 3xploi7 BuG

Necrobot v0.8.0 WITH Auto Snipe Pokemon | SPEEDIER THAN EVER

Necrobot v0.8.0 WITH Auto Snipe Pokemon | SPEEDIER THAN EVER

Necrobot v0.8.0 WITH Auto Snipe Pokemon | SPEEDIER THAN EVER - Finally, necrobot is updated again by using the new API pokemon go. Obviously with this new API update makes the bot running smoothly. Features of this Necrobot among which auto-farm, catch auto, auto unban, auto transfer, and many others. Necrobot there are auto unban v0.8.0, so if you are exposed to when using a bot softban in do not worry, because it will unban automatically.

Changelog v0.8.0' (most recent changes are listed on top):
42b840b New version
5cc3a40 Merge pull request #101 from NECROBOTIO/master
391eb97 Merge pull request #3559 from kadektop2/master
1d5971a Merge pull request #3534 from mirdhan123/patch-3
2032e50 Merge pull request #3536 from TobySkarting/patch-1
e29fbdc Merge pull request #3555 from phillipah/master
3b4ebf0 Merge pull request #3606 from GrimmGringo/master
eb44cfd Speed tweaks
29dd4cd Line 333 little fix
69a5673 Readded line 25 on
a8af807 Fixing some of the
53ee2d0 Fixed telegram output wording
3827604 teleport word cleanup
41f5b6e Update zh_TW translation
a25bac1 Update
5d1d8de Merge pull request #3511 from GrimmGringo/master

Features Updated :
PTC Login / Google
Get Map Objects and Inventory
Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns
Farm pokestops
Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood
Throw Berries/use best pokeball
Multi bot support
Snipe pokemon
Power-Up pokemon
Websocket UI Support
Sniping using SnipeFeed
Transfers duplicate pokemons
Evolve all pokemons
Throws away unneeded items
Humanlike Walking
Configurable Custom Pathing
Softban bypass
AutoUpdate / VersionCheck
Multilanguage Support
Use lucky egg while evolve
Egg Hatching Automatically

Necrobot File
Guide (EN)
1. Extrax file
2. Run necrobot.exe
3. if any "would u like to setup" click Y
4. Choose google/ptc, according your needs
5. Change your language (optional)
6. Dont input longitude latitude, because we want replace the config

Guide ( ID )
1. extrat file 
2. jalnkan necrobot.exe
3. kalau ada info , would u like to setup (tekan y lalu enter)
4. kalau di suruh pilih google/ptc , isi sesuai kebutuhanmu
5. di suruh ganti bahasa , serah mau ganti bisa mau kaga boleh-boleh aja
6. nanti suruh masukin longitude latitude , saran ku ngga usah dlu soalnya config mau di replace
Config Setting
Guide (EN)
1. input config autosnip in necrobot
2. extract pogolocation feeder 
3. run pogolocation feeder 
4. wait until appear pokemon in pogolocation feeder 
5. run necrobot

Guide ( ID )
1. Masukin config di necrobot 
2. extract pogolocation feeder 
3. jalnakan pogolocation feeder
4. tunggu sampai muncul beberapa pokemon di pogolocation feeder
5. jalankan necrobot

- pokestop not found ?
1. Download Hotspotshiled 
2. run HSS
3. Choose other country

*Note : Due update version pogo v033 trainer system detects movement, if it is too fast will often softban, then expected to edit config with speed sane, please change to 15


NecroBot v0.8.1 - Custom Configs - MASS XP [250k+ EXP/H]

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