PokeFarmer v1.0.110 Cracked Version | New API Updated - 3xploi7 BuG

PokeFarmer v1.0.110 Cracked Version | New API Updated

PokeFarmer v1.0.110 Cracked Version | New API Updated - PokeFarmer BOT  is a paid bot, but this time I will share that version of the crack so you can use it for free. PokeFarmer has made many bug fixes from previous versions eg login bug issues and so forth. Bot is a bot PokeFarmer the most updated, so these bots allow you to catch pokemon with safer alias can reduce the risk banned.

Changelog: 21/08/2016
Login issues fixed.

Farms PokeStops
Visits PokeStops
Farms Items
Breeds Eggs
Easy to Setup

How to Use PokeFarmer Cracked Version v1.0.110

1. Extract the files that you have downloaded earlier
2. Run PokeFarmer.exe
3. To set the course bot click the Settings button
4. In the settings menu there are some of setting :
-Authentication: do nothing to change
-General: serves to set the course bot eg walking speed, and so on
-Catching: to regulate the use pokeball
-Transferring: to organize pokemon to be transferred
-Inventory: auto recycle items containing pokemon, you can set it at will
-Network: to set up a proxy
5.If completed step above press OK
6.Then, to set the coordinates you can directly suppress the map or enter coordinates and press ok
7.Press "Start Bot" to run the bot and set up an account that will be used
bot PokeFarmer

How to Solve Error Bot PokeFarmer
1. If the warning appears "the program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0.dll"
 you need to install visual C ++ redistributable

2. If an error occurs Session expired relogging, Could not connect to the game server, please try again later or you simply close his boot and then reopen.

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  1. How to unpack VMprotect v3.0. I try but i can't. Tell me please


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