[Pokemon BOT] Pokefarmer v1.0.82 Patched | API Updated - 3xploi7 BuG

[Pokemon BOT] Pokefarmer v1.0.82 Patched | API Updated

[Pokemon BOT] Pokefarmer v1.0.82 Patched | API Updated - After a few days ago Niantic to update and cause all bots are not able to walk. However, this time I will share a new bot I guarantee work. In this PokeFarmer you can determine your location in the maps that have been provided in this software. The existing features of this bot among auto transfer, loot pokestops, catch pokemon, and auto recycle. In the Bot PokeFarmer Full Crack also contained unbanner software, so you can be free of softban!

Set farm location in 1 click
Pokestops farm
Pokemons catch
Items farm
Breeds Eggs
Transfer Pokemons
Speed settings (walk\run\bike\car)
Break settings
View stats of account

To use:
Select Google or PTC auth
Put Auth key
Go to the place where you live (or where you want to live )
Left click on this place
It will be start location
Click on "Start bot" and put license Key

Setting Cordiante:

Changelog :
Fixed: "Walking through Pokestops."
New feature: Show EXP/H in UI
New feature: Show Stardust/H in UI
New feature: Show what's going on in the new status panel at the bottom of the UI.
New feature: Recycle Items if Inventory is full and keep a user configurable amount.


Some Problems 
I'm getting an error involving a missing .dll file
Firstly, this only works on OS Windows 7 and higher. 
Make sure you're running the patched exe. Assuming you are and still get the error, delete your current folder and re-download. If that doesn't fix it, wait until another patch comes out where it does.

It says that no items were received from the Pokestop but keeps spinning it.
You are soft banned. Wait until it's done and you'll be un-soft banned (45-50 spins).

It says idle in the bottom left.
Nothing is near you. Go to a more populated location (Central Park, New York; Tokyo).

Session expired: relogging won't stop repeating.
Just restart the application. This happens every so often for no known reason.

Could not connect to server.
Restart the application and check your credentials.

The auth key isn't correct.
In the off chance that you somehow changed it, it's located in the settings and should be cookies.

Fix ? 

Download Visual C++ Redistributable (x86) 
Download Visual C++ Redistributable (x64)

If Failed Login : 

Change Ptc/Google

{  "AuthType": "Ptc/Google",  "GoogleUsername": "emailmugmail.com",  "GooglePassword": "pwmu",  "PtcUsername": "usernamemu",  "PtcPassword": "pwmu",  "UseProxy": false,  "UseProxyHost": null,  "UseProxyPort": null,  "UseProxyAuthentication": false,  "UseProxyUsername": null,  "UseProxyPassword": null}

*Note : Dont Updated New Version

Key : Here

3xploi7 Team

4 Responses to "[Pokemon BOT] Pokefarmer v1.0.82 Patched | API Updated"

  1. i need the key for new update 1.0.83


  2. please tell me why I have a problem ? [22:15:01] Getting items of pokestop ba251199009c403b8829cfa304719bac.16 failed. Trying again.


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