[Pokemon BOT] NecroBot v0.7.0 Release ! - 3xploi7 BuG

[Pokemon BOT] NecroBot v0.7.0 Release !

[Pokemon BOT] NecroBot v0.7.0 Release !

[Pokemon BOT] NecroBot v0.7.0 Release ! - NecroBot is working once more, thanks to guys at PGD and especially Kevin. Release after proper QA testing and code cleanup.

Huge shout out to everyone who was involved at PokemonGoDev, without you this release would simply not be possible.

We would also like to personally thank Kevin for his assistance in bringing the necessary changes into NecroBot. Remember, this is a bot For The Community, By The Community, and will always remain Free Open Source Software.

Commit log from 'v0.6.4' to 'v0.7.0' (most recent changes are listed on top):
12a744d Updating progress bars
8a575ec Merge
645a778 Added progress bar loader
075d0d9 update POGOProtos
0b9c6a2 websockets are now false by default
5815992 Update README.md
51919dd Update README.md
2f1825d Update README.md
3137ea2 update submodule
c10661c Merge pull request #2727 from simplyphp/master
2cc5632 Updating git url
a748e2f Merge pull request #75 from NECROBOTIO/master
802448a Merge pull request #2726 from simplyphp/master
201bc01 Removed POGOProtos.sln
c99413c Updating .net to 4.5.2
5e6bb59 Merge pull request #2725 from prokopsimek/patch-1
5b9a220 Merge pull request #2724 from simplyphp/master
e2cb5a3 Create translation.cs.json
9a996b8 Automatc merge
f3f1bda Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/simplyphp/NecroBot
8d02f75 Moving POGOProtos
6124e80 Merge pull request #74 from NECROBOTIO/master
ab08e54 Merge pull request #2721 from Oolaruu/master
b696d12 Moving POGOProtos
46faf3d added new Logic - shouldn't get softban when HumanWalking is false
acf2c6a Merge pull request #2722 from jordyvandomselaar/master
798f0ac added CatchPokemon Setting
b909879 Fix Dutch translations"
42a0605 Merge pull request #2719 from somani6/master
eda05b8 Merge pull request #2720 from karoi/patch-2
44257fe typo
bcfb919 Added "PokemonString" + "PokemonMovesetStrings" language support "PokemonStrings" + "PokemonMovesetStrings" = da, et, gr, hu, id, it, lt, nl, no, pt-br, pt-pt, ru_RU, sv, th, tr, uk_UA, ro, ca "PokemonMovesetStrings" = de, es, pl, zh_CN, vi
83a6367 Update translation.nl.json
9f86514 updated translation.de.json
2891321 Merge pull request #2718 from RetroRipper/patch-2
42e7574 update API to support Proxy
6504d12 add Proxy Support
d038b68 Update Translation NL
781d1dd Merge pull request #2715 from karoi/patch-1
078a509 Merge pull request #2717 from simplyphp/master
14dda15 Fixing incorrect setup.md suggestion on settings

How to Use :
1. Extrak File
2. Run NecroBot.exe
3. Input Latitude & longtitude
4. Please wait until configuration succes
5. Out CMD
6. For Editing :
Max Cp dll in Config > Config.json 

7. and click run again NecroBot.exe
8. Happy Farming

Cara Pemakaian :
1. Download Filenya Botnya yang Versi 0.7.0 (New Release)
2. Ekstrak
3. Run File NecroBot.exe
4. Nanti disuruh masukin info akun dan Latitude ama longtitude
5. Kalo configuration selesai brarti bisa
6. Keluar Dari CMD
7. Kalo mau edit2 misal : max cp untuk transfer brp, itu ada di Config > config.json
8. kalo udh tinggal Run Lagi NecroBot.exe nya
9. Dan Happy Farming 


*Note : U can language 

========== Update ==========
NecroBot With PokeSniper

1. Download file 
1. Extrak
2. edit file user.xml (<AuthType>Ptc/Google</AuthType>
<PtcPassword>PtcPass lu</PtcPassword>
<PtcUsername>PtcUname Lu</PtcUsername>
<GoogleUsername>GoogleUname Lu</GoogleUsername>
<GooglePassword>pw</GooglePassword>) utuk <authtype>
  use google / ptc

4. Save
5. Run PokeSniper2.exe
6. Click "Y"
7. Review your account, if valid, click enter
8. Find Pokemon +Ltitude&Longtitude
9. Or run autosniper.bat

Tutor ( Indon )
1. Download file
2. Extrak
3. edit file user.xml (<AuthType>Ptc/Google</AuthType>
<PtcPassword>PtcPass lu</PtcPassword>
<PtcUsername>PtcUname Lu</PtcUsername>
<GoogleUsername>GoogleUname Lu</GoogleUsername>
<GooglePassword>pw</GooglePassword>) utuk <authtype> pilih make google atau ptc
4. save
5. Run PokeSniper2.exe
6. Jika udah suruh klik Y/N klik Y
7. Nanti kan ada format akun ente,,ente liat dlu dah,,kalo bnr pencet enter
8. Dah cari dah Pokemon +Ltitude&Longtitude
9. atau cara gampangnya run file autosniper.bat 

========== Update ==========

MassEXP Config by DrZ's
High Caliber Sniper Rifle by DrZ's
Configs Download Links by DrZ's

========== Update ==========
New Update Necrobot v0.7.6

Download ==>>

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