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Pokomon Trainer Club (PTC) Mass Account Creator

Pokomon Trainer Club (PTC) Mass Account Creator - Automatically creates Pokemon Trainer Club accounts, and reads the ToS making them usable after the recent Niantic patch. Text files will be created in your current directory.  IT CREATES 10 ACCOUNTS PER TIME YOU RUN IT! So, dont worry about ban hahaah

How To:

Unzip files
Double click .exe file

Open accounts.txt file to see your accounts

Changelog :

Added random DOB

Added TOS accepting

Download >>

-=Update =-

How to use it:
- Open the file accounts.txt and replace the contents with a list of usernames you want to create where each username is on a row of it's own (f.ex. user1, user2, user3 where each is on a row of it's own)
- Launch the Pokemon-Account-Maker.exe
- Click on Open under Accounts To Make and open your text file, it will populate your list of accounts with the ones in the list
- Fill in the remaining details such as password and age. Leave the Email Adress field the same so that the bot makers can verify the accounts.
- Click Create Account(s)

- Wait for the tool to finish

Downloads =>>

*Software Will Updated

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