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Script Joox Downloader MP3 Github

Script Joox Downloader MP3 Github - In this post I will share a very nice script. This script named "JOOX Downloader". What it JOOX? JOOX (derived from the word "jukebox") is a legal streaming music service over the Internet with a personal touch, which was launched by Tencent Holdings Ltd from Shenzhen, China, which is the company behind instant messaging WeChat. Available in the form of a mobile app (Android and iOS) and the web site, users can listen to more than two million songs and playlists local and international options for free, and download them to listen offline.

Yes This script is useful to create a website / your site to be a place download a song derived from the application JOOX. JOOX provide millions of songs that can be listened to music lovers for free, and can be downloaded for listening offline through the VIP service. The available music is very diverse, ranging from local music, Asian, and international, from different genres. 

How to use :
1. Download Script
2. Upload script on your cpanel
3. extract
4. done


Download >> 

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