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GO Simulator 1.21.0 APK Android | Latest Update

GO Simulator 1.21.0 APK Android | Latest Update - Hallo 3xploi7er, this time I want to give you the latest update v1.21.0 gosim for you, if you do not update please update to the latest version because it is better than ever.G o Simulator or gosim a pokemon go bot running on android with the setting quite easy. Go Simulator latest version to the current version 1.21.1 which already contained a very nice feature and on this occasion I will share the bot go simulator latest version 1.21.1

in v1.21.0 Features of bot Go Simulator you can apprehend pokemon corresponding desired, not only that you can also set which one to evolution and which pokemon who do not want to catch. You can login to your account with account google or trainer. you just download and install it, then you account login settings as desired and then click start to start.

Tutorial :

1. Download Bot
2. Install it
3. Login with Account Google / Ptc
4. setting what u need
5. start bot

Download ==>

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