How To Leak Gallery Your Friend's Phone

How To Leak Gallery Your Friend's Phone

How To Leak Gallery Your Friend's Phone - Hello 3xploi7er, so today I will share trick about gadget. this trick came from my experience. My friend has smirch photo then made me curious. so i must think hard how to see the photo. after try and try, i got an idea How To Leak Gallery Your Friend's Phone. Let's check this out : 

Material :


* Make sure Gallery Your Friend's Phone is locked and you don't know the password 

1. Take your friend phone

2. Open App Line 
3. Open chat to anyone
4. Choose photo from line 

5. Send smirch photo to your line or another secret account
6. Gotcha, you got it ;)

Conclusion : You can acces Gallery from line although the gallery is locked

i just try with line, i dont know if you using what's app, telegram or etc. hope useful

3xploi7 Team

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