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Free YouTube Views and Likes !

Free YouTube Views and Likes ! - Hello 3xploi7er, so today i will share trick Free YouTube Views and Likes. This is a easy to follow guide to get Free unlimited YouTube Views and Likes From REAL People! Lets check this sh*t :

Step 1:
Sign up on This site

Step 2:
On the left side of the screen, click on “YouTube Likes”

Step 3:
Type in your YouTube id (the last part of your YouTube URL)
And start liking videos until you have around 30 coins

Step 4
(the view part)
Click “add page” in the top left,
From the drop down menu, select “YouTube likes”
Don’t worry, this will also generate views from REAL people.

Step 5:
Select the YouTube URL of the video you want to use.
Set the title to whatever you want. And let the rest alone, the default is good.
And click add Page.

Final step:
On the YouTube video manager, make it so that others cant se the likes/dislikes on your video
Your text will be different since I used inspect element to translate it from Dutch to English

By disabling this setting, their system cant detect the like so it wont cost you any points.
But you still get the free likes and views! By ACTUAL PEOPLE!

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