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Pretashop Blocktestimonial Upload Shell Vulnerability

#- Title: Pretashop Blocktestimonial Upload Shell Vulnerability
#- Author: Unknown ( Contact me, If Your are the author )
#- Published : 2015/04/
#- Developer : -
#- Link Download :
#- Google Dork: inurl:"/modules/blocktestimonial/"
#- Fixed in Version : -
#- Tested on : windows
-- Proof Of Concept --

Description : 
With this module, your customers can easily submit testimony or expression of their satisfaction about products and services you have provided. Testimony or an expressions of customer satisfaction can attractively be displayed on the front page of your website, to increase the trust of visitors or other customers.

Vulnerability : 
site /modules/blocktestimonial/addtestimonial.php

Tutorial : 
1. Open victim
2. Add Site /modules/blocktestimonial/addtestimonial.php
3. fill in the registration & upload ypur shell

If Succesfully   > Your Testimonial Has Been Sent

Shell Acces ? Click Here 

Greetz : LempengC0de

3xploi7 Team

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