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7 New Galaxy S8 Features You Should Know About

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7 New Galaxy S8 Features You Should Know About - Hello 3xploi7er, how do  you make up for the disaster that  was the note 7 well it's simple you just make sure that  the next flagship is  awesome the samsung galaxy  s8 is here  and let me  just get it out there it's   awesome take a moment and look at   it

it's  gorgeous isn't it   yeah   I'm in love  with this phone what's up guys  i've got hands on the all new galaxy a fake the new samsung flagship brings a number of new exciting features and changes so what

 are we waiting for let's talk about  seven exciting galaxy as it features  before we get started let me tell you  this is not a review it's just a brief overview of  the exciting features in the   galaxy attain so let's get started

1. Infinity Display

 you've probably heard this already but   I'm   going to say it again the display on   the galaxy s it is stunning well  infinity display is just a fancy word from Samsung for the almost bezel is curved display of  the s8 the display

looks so gorgeous  and have no qualms to  call it that  there are no bezels on the   sides only   minimal bezels on the top and  bottom and with no branding on the front it just looks seamless the qhd+ AMOLED display with HDR support features the

always-on features and  it's tall with an  aspect ratio of 18.5 is 29 there are also the cool edge panels available a swipe away from the curved edge of the display let me make this clear the edge to edge display on the galaxy s eight is

enough to make you buy the phone trust me it's that good then you pay the note 7

2. Facial Recognition and Iris Scanner

iintroduced the iris scanner and it's  part of the s8 as well in fact  Samsung  has  gone ahead and also added facial  recognition the  eye scanner works

perfectly even with my eyes if you  know  what I  mean  and while android has  had facial  recognition in  the past Samsung's  implementation is pretty great because it's insanely fast in  my brief usage

 I found  it to be very very fast I   certainly like it well the rear camera

3. Improved Selfie Camera

On the  S8 remains the same from the s7  the front facing camera is where the action lives it's an  8 megapixel F 1.7  camera sensor with autofocus this makes

the s8 the first ever smartphone to pack auto focus in the front facing camera plus since it's an  F 1.7 camera sensors  you can expect some really well itself knees in my short usage of the device I really like the selfies taken with us 8

if you love taking selfies you're going to love  the estate another

4. Bluetooth 5.0
  s8 is the fact that it's the first smartphone  to come with the latest  bluetooth 5 technology so what does this mean  for you well blue good 5 is less

power intensive has almost four times the range the  Google 4.2 and   supports  two simultaneous connections which means you can play music  from arrasate to do  bluetooth earphones goodbye audio splitters you can  check out a detailed

article on  Google   site to move  everything about it

5. Bixby
Samsung has tried its hand add voice assistance in the past and it's not  giving a bit now all  you big b is here and the  SH features a  dedicated button graduated well it is a

voice assistant wife control is not  available on the initial   s 8 units and  it's said to be coming in the  future   updates which is kind of weird right   now  like Google now it has a dedicated page of its own on the home screen where

there are cards for alarms reminders activities news weather etc there's also  Bigsby vision which lets you point the  camera  at an   object or location to get  more info pneus it does work which makes it a nice addition the galaxy s  8 also

features google assistant so there's nothing  to worry about

6. Preassure Sensitive Home Button
 the galaxy  s8 gets rid   of the  capacitive and hardware navigation keys and  I could not be happier there now on  screen but  Samsung has included a

pressure-sensitive home button like the force touch on Mac and iPhones so  there's haptic feedback every time you  press it which makes you  feel that   you're pressing a hardware button it has  some users to for  instance in a full

screen app you can force that on the bottom of the display to bring up the navigation bar the haptic feedback certainly makes it very  very cool

7. New Samsung Experience UI 
I have  never really liked the TouchWiz UI on samsung smartphones however  I quite like

the  Samsung   experience ey on the galaxy  yet it seems like the perfect mix of functionality and good looks as  Samsung  has really cut off on the gimmicks there are  various customizations and things  obviously and there are also handy

features like Samsung pass which is a  password manager samsung decks which  lets you use the s8 for a desktop experience samsung clouds and more also  i really like the new clean UI and the  icons with a wire frame design and as i

mentioned that the phone is amazingly fast which makes the user experience  much more appealing just so you know the  samsung galaxy  s   8 also features a  headphone jack and a non exploding battery so far so how do you like  the new  features in the galaxy s8 
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