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Galaxy S8 Red Screen Problem - How To Fix it ?

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Galaxy S8 Red Screen Problem - How To Fix it ? - Hello 3xploi7er, samsung galaxy S8 already has a scandal plaguing some of its users called the red tinted screen so basically some of the first people to get the device have been complaining that its screen looks red as a red tint on it and yeah you

spend all the money getting a samsung galaxy s8 a brand-new very excited to get it it would probably be very disappointing to see that it has a red in the screen even though of course we love wearing our distress come on we

don't need red tinted so Samsung actually told the investor which is a South Korean news organization that the company will be working on a software update to try to fix this issue and get these galaxies estates back to normal

 and apparently this software update will be coming out sometime in a week or so but good news even if that software update does not fix your Samsung Galaxy with that red tinted screen samsung says that they will give you a new samsung

galaxy S8 that doesn't have a rest in the screen and anyway this is obviously not the first major smartphone to be plagued by some sort of scandal you know the iphone 7 had his gates where people thought the phone with kissing in the

background an earlier iphone hats banda gate where the device would actually bend in half when you was like this to it when you bend it that's why I was called been skinny and a more recent scandal the samsung galaxy note 7

explodes yeah that's pretty big deal obviously so hopefully it's samsung galaxy s 8 does not do that and hopefully it is left with it's worse issue being be read into screens and yeah hopefully it gets fixed very soon i

have not gotten my hands I samsung galaxy s8 yep I'm hoping to be able to check one out soon and show you guys my first look of it so subscribe to stay tuned for that and yeah we'll see how big this issue gets and Samsung you

better be fixing this faster all right but even more good news is that the very popular technology youtuber unboxtherapy says that and i quote i don't think you're going to bump into a red tinted galaxy s 8 if she got his hands on 10 
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