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5 Things You Should Know About Apple

5 Things You Should Know About Apple - Hello 3xploi7er, Apple has become synonymous with some of the most popular tech products in history. but before the iPod in the iPhone Apple was just one computer manufacturer among many and it took the company years to find their footing as the popularity of the IBM compatible PC exploded in the 80s and 90s.

today Apple is a computing mobile and business juggernaut but there's a lot of interesting history to the company that the average consumer probably doesn't. know here are 10 things you didn't know about Apple. 

1. there's been a lot of speculation over the years as to how Apple came by its brand name.

 it's thought that the name was chosen in contrast to the cold hard sounding names like IBM or even that co-founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted their company's name to appear before Atari in the phone book.

according to laws niak himself the idea came from Jobs after a trip to an apple orchard in Washington State when Jobs suggested Apple Computer Wozniak immediately liked the name. but was concerned about possible legal action from Apple Records.

the label owned by surviving members of the Beatles .try as they might they couldn't think of a name they liked better in Jobs biography he said that the name sounded fun spirited and not intimidating. the name stuck but Wozniak's initial thought turned out to have married the company was indeed sued by Apple Records several times between 1978 and 2006 with a final settlement being reached in 2007.

2. while Jobs and Wozniak are the two men most associated with Apple's founding the company actually began with a third business partner. winning corporation documents were filed on April 1st 1976. they contained the signatures of Jobs Wozniak and Ron Wayne.

Wayne was originally a 10% holder in the company but his stake was dissolved only 12 days after Apple was incorporated in an interview with CNN. the 81 year old Wayne explained how he was essentially brought on to be the grown-up in the company.

designing the original logo and mediating disputes between Wozniak and Jobs even though his stake would have been deluded when shareholders were later added it's safe to say he missed down on a significant chunk of change. but Wayne has no regrets saying there were absolute whirlwind. I was standing in the shadows of giants if I stayed at Apple I probably would have ended up the richest man in the cemetery.

3. the company's first product designed and built in 1976.
 was the Apple one it debuted at the Palo Alto homebrew club a regular meeting of home built computer enthusiasts in a version hand-built by Wozniak and housed in a wooden case to finance the build Wozniak sold his VW bus.

his only means of transportation and job sold his hewlett-packard scientific calculator. they soon obtained an order for 100 units from the bike shop a computer store in Mountain View California. somehow they scraped the funds together to complete the $50,000 order and delivered the finished product within about a month the machine was discontinued in 1977 after the introduction of the Apple 2.

which would go on to become one of the most influential and popular home computers of its era. many of the original Apple 1 machines were returned to the manufacturer in their circuit boards destroyed. making them extremely rare today.

4. Apple would go on to be ahead of the curve by many years with several of their products and platforms. 

the original Macintosh released in 1984 was the first consumer machine whose operating system featured a graphical user interface like the ones we are familiar with today.

it was the first computer to ship with a mouse and its window base point-and-click interface was an obvious influence on the development of Microsoft's Windows operating system. unfortunately many of Apple's earlier products were a bit too ahead of their time for their own good.

released in 1993 Macintosh TV was one of the very first attempts at integrating home computers and television to reach the consumer market. the computer component was based on the macintosh LC 500 series married to a 14-inch sony Performa television display.

the monitor could be switched back and forth between the computer desktop and TV broadcast while it couldn't display television in a window on the desktop it could capture stills from live TV to a file on the computer. only around 10,000 of these units were sold but the Macintosh TV serves as an early indicator of the forward-thinking nature of Apple .

5. first color digital camera to be released to consumers in the u.s

further than the quick tank the very first color digital camera to be released to consumers in the u.s. in 1994 photography was the twelve billion dollar industry and Apple was determined to be the first tech company to take a bite out of it.

the quick take was compatible with any Macintosh with a later model also compatible with Windows and it connected by a simple serial cable resolution was very low by today's standards the highest available was 640 by 480 and the camera could only hold eight stills at that resolution in its internal memory.

you couldn't preview the photos on the camera itself or delete individual pigs only dump the entire contents of the camera's memory with a recessed trash button. it didn't take long for competition to reach the market and digital camera models sold by the likes of Kodak and Nikon brands the consumers already associated with photography far outsold Apple's offering.

the quick take was discontinued after only three years in 1997 in their collectors items today but you'll need an old Mac to use it with because they're not compatible with OS X.

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