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7 Things You Didn't Know About Tesla Company

7 Things You Didn't Know About Tesla Company - Hello 3xploi7er,  today we'll  be  talking about  Tesla  Motors  and  main that emerged a few years ago  with an unfamiliar idea and  their  revolutionary vision of turning the automotive industry towards environment friendliness. at first it wasn't taken  seriously  but led by its visionary CEO  Elon Musk.

the  company has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise with  almost 5 billion dollars  in equity 23,  billion in assets and 7 billion  dollars  in revenue last  year. Tesla has taken off  with a vast momentum and with us closing  in on the release of the model 3. it seems like we're looking at a new iconic  automobile brand.enough with the  introduction let's get to it here are 7  things you didn't know about Tesla  number

1) Elon Musk is not the founder of  Tesla

but he wanted in although Elon Musk is the mastermind who turned Tesla  and to be multibillion-dollar giant it  is today. he wasn't the only person  behind the idea. Tesla was started by  these guys Martin Eberhard and marked  are penning  and later  Elon Musk, JB Straubel  and Ian Wright joined in  as  mentioned the company was the brainchild of Martin Eberhard and marked our  penning in the first place and they were  tackling a problem Elon had great  interest in so he joined the company in  its early  days.

 because Elon didn't quite  agree with  the strategy  of the at  the  time CEO of the company. he sort of  pushed him out and installed himself  as  CEO and company's chief designer with his constant relentless innovation .

business prowess and a charisma that  made him one of  the most popular and  iconic figures of the 21st century. he  managed to transform what was a small  project into what is seen  today as the  most in  car company in  the world. remaining today  from the original group  aside from musk himself  is only JB  Straubel. who serves as  the chief  technical officer.

2)  Tesla  Motors was the first car manufacturer to be launched from Silicon  Valley 

 Silicon  Valley has never exactly  been  the place  to be if you're an automaker. the place  is for tech companies and  that's what  makes Tesla so extraordinary. Tesla is  not the conventional automaker and in some respects you can say that what it's doing is more in place at Silicon Valley than it would have been  in Detroit  or  Michigan, where the  so called  big guys are based.

despite the human resource technology the company lacked access to  several important resources. that you don't get in the area in  comparison to north america  which to  this day is  still considered the place  where cars get made.

3) The  Tesla Model S  was the first premium electric sedan in the world

 The model  asked vehicle which Tesla launched in 2012 was the world's first premium 100%  electric vehicle. despite having built it from the ground up Tesla did not  compromise on one single feature when it made the Model  S for the sake of  technological innovation.

the car is  actually very competitive if we  disregard it being electric the Model S is a comfortable full utility family  sedan with room  for seven passengers with the acceleration of a sports car  being able to go from  zero to 60 miles  per hour  in under five seconds.

this  is  where the technology part comes in  the  car has a narrow  artificial intelligence  installed on itself which means that it is able  to learn as it is used. it learns  about the driver about the roads and its  environment.

 if one car learned something interesting that knowledge is distributed to  all  other Tesla's on the road this is called swarm intelligence. because of its  technical elegance premium status and of  course technological breakthrough.

the  Model S was the first electric vehicle  to win the renowned Motor Trend Car of  the Year award in 2013. it  is also the valuated car by Consumer Reports and  holds the first rank in terms of  consumer satisfaction ratings.

4 number for Tesla's innovations are all open-source.

  in June 2014  Tesla went out on a limb and tore down its patent wall it used to have in the  lobby of its headquarters from that time  on every Tesla innovation would be open for use by any innovator  out there with  a promise that the company wouldn't  initiate lawsuits against anyone who would use it in good faith.

in the post  that Elon Musk  put up at  the time on the  company's blog he said that Tesla's real competition wasn't with the very  small percentage of  electric cars being produced by other automakers but rather with the 100  million regular cars produced every  year  that are contributing to the demise of  the environment.

 therefore anyone is  welcome to use the company's technology  to help the green movement achieve
further. progress it was a great PR move  and it also put Tesla in the right  position against the big companies who would want to bury their patents in  court which would have  been a  long and  expensive process.

5) the  Tesla Model X is the most expensive basic  Tesla model

 the Model X is the  super car  of the  Tesla brand at the moment. with a  price tag of one hundred  and forty  thousand dollars the Model X is not exactly a conventional SUV. it's basically a sports car with the body of  an SUV and the interior of a  rocketship.

the Model X can go from  0 to 60  miles  per hour in 3.2 seconds. reaching  a top  speed of 155 miles per hour it features  a mind-blowing bio weapon defense system

in case the air around the vehicle  becomes unbreathable.  and it has  computer-controlled gullwing back doors  that give it an unbeatable sharp smart  look that you won't find in  your typical  SUV.

6) the most expensive Tesla ever sold was an upgraded model s

at two  hundred  and five thousand eight hundred  and twenty dollars. this Model S upgraded  by shortline is believed to be the most  expensive tesla vehicle ever sold at

least so far. above its 123 thousand  dollar baseline  the car has 82 thousand  dollars worth of upgrades including a  dazzling 25  thousand dollar interior a  carbon-fiber  body kit and $7,500 wheels.

7) Tesla vehicles will  be produced carrying self-driving  hardware and technology. 

right now Tesla  vehicles are packed with everything  needed for full self-driving  capabilities. with eight surround cameras

providing 360 degree visibility at up to  a range of 250  meters. 12  updated  ultrasonic sensors that complement this vision a forward-facing radar that is  capable of seeing through heavy rain fog  dust and even the car in front of it. in

order to process all this information  the  computer inside  the car is a  breakthrough in automotive technology. this resulting in way better Road  decisions than a human could  ever make,  despite the technology being in its

early stages musk  thinks he'll be at  100%  autonomy in the next two years  and  three more for the government to allow  self-driving cars everywhere.  at the  current date multiple Tesla's are  gathering data and  learning how to drive

themselves despite a few small incidents  the autopilot on the Tesla is  dramatically outperforming the average human driver with Tesla's goal being  to  get it to at least 10 times safer  than  driving  it yourself .

brace yourself  in no time you'll be able to lay back and relax and  enjoy the luxury of your Tesla cabin as it takes you to your destination .

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