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8 Productive MacBook Apps 2017 You Must Have

Productive MacBook Apps You Must Have

8 Productive MacBook Apps 2017 You Must Have - Hello 3xploi7er,  today to make your MacBook experiencemuch better we have some productive after you without any further delay let's get the started

so firstup is filmora well editing software's like Adobe Premiere

Final Cutmakes the professional workflow really easybut on the other hand it can getquite complicated for beginnersthis is where I suggest to use filmoranow that's because theinterface here is reallysimple and minimal you

get familiarUI with timeline browser and preview where you can add multiple bridges screen record as well as audio clips the one thing that I really like about this editor isyou can record your screen as well as we call yourself with

the webcam at the same timenow editing a reaction video iseven more simpler with thispicture in picture edit feature to add more to it they have thoughtfully included hugenumber of animated title openersand background

music coming handy inyour YouTube videosit's quite obvious you don'tmiss out onthe basics like color editing pan and zoom green-screen and I love that split-screen video feature as well overall filmora is a great video editor

you can get things donewithout tinkering with differenttools so if you arestarting out on YouTube this makes perfectsense

PDF element 6 Pro
now next up is PDF element 6 Pro this app is a perfectsolution if your dailytask involves editing PDFs

this powerfulapp can basically create view and edityour PDF files you have all the tools and features justlike on a word processor as you can see here the UI somewhat resembles that ofMicrosoft Word meaning using it won't have much

learningcurve to highlight some ofits features youcan add text images links or crop the PDF add watermark background and you can also change the fontsfont size font coloralignment etc it makes it really easyto fill the PDF forms

with its form feel recognition feature and you can even extract the form field and export itinto CS format alongwith dad add-ons like multiple tabs bookmarkscomments search protecting PDFs convertingPDF adds more

functionality to this app andI'm sure if you work with a lot of documents on the computer you will find this useful too

Tunes Go
now next analysts we have Tunes Go this is a must-havephone companion app both iOS and Android that lets you sync and

manage your content such as music videos photos contacts add sensor one well the good thing here is it letsyou copy songsfrom your iPhone to your computer and transfer songs to iPhone withoutthe iTunes youcan easily backup restore and

transfercontents to your phone and a nifty add-on here is it even creates gifs or gifts from the photos and videos of yourdevice it works great with iPhones and if you own an Android device you can use the easy move feature to add

morefeatures to your phone like add vlogs and uninstalling system apps overall it's a great powerful management software foryour mobile device

Video Converter ultimate
now next up we have Video Converter ultimate this video converter fits all the purpose of

yourvideo files you can choose to convert your videos to almost anyoutput formats and make the video perfect for mobile devices VRS consoles or editing software's additionally youcan download songs from

the Internet by pastingthe URL and directly converting it tomp3 or any other format you wantit in and if you still happen to own a CD burner you can use this app toburn videos to your disk it also lets you stream the contents of

a computerto your Smart TVs by a chromecastwith this you can even record your screen and do basic kind of editing for your home videosoverall it's a greatapp

now next up we have - Dash Lane this app is amongst the best password managers for iOS and Android well if you want all your items synchronized and you're saved login details on your browsers you can installthis app on your Mac as well you have allyour login details as secure

notes andother items as saved on your phone and you also get an extension ona third-partybrowser so that thelogin details are auto fills every time you visit that websitefeatures like unlimited sync may require buying the

premium version of the application however it isworth given that this app is available for all your devicesand it's always on sync I will leave the detailsdown in the description if you wantto try them out andnext on our

list we have apps zappa this app is a greathelp to uninstall apps on your Mac you cando it the old way bysimply draggingand dropping it to crash but the cached files and itsother data remain on your computer which youlater

takes up a lot of spaceso with this app drag drop the old way let's simply select the app you wantto completely remove now

next up we have amphetamines and no it's not a drug thisapp basically helps your Mac to stay awake

it's actually a drugfor your Mac after installationyou have a shortcutat your menu barfrom there you can schedule times to activate or deactivate tillit which displays or drives to keep awake and other triggers to dial down the

specific conditions of when you want a computerto stay on this app has been a great help so farwhen I'm uploading YouTube videos downloading large files and probably the best part is it's free

next up we have Alfred well Alfred is asearch assistant for your Mac with more functionality than the default spotlight well you can say it's spotlight on steroidsafter installation and the initial setupyou can use the option space hotkey or trouble fromthe menu

barto launch Alfred and sets the apps files or settings on yourcomputer it's not only that but you can alsoopen files folders emails and contacts from web searchescopy move files and folders and a whole host of other actions such

as fine word meanings make a calculation etc and the more you usethis app the better it gets they do offer power pack for additional functionality though

AI stat menus
now next up we have AI stat menus this app basically gives stats of yourHardware

on your menu barit gives detailed information about the usage of CPU and GPUcenters memory Network and disk usageafter installation you can go to the APIs directly a periodand the things youneed on the menu bar it has

been a great help to monitorwhen rendering your files and if you are a technician it might be even more handy now last

VLC player
but certainly not least we have VLC player as we all know mac is great for media consumption but the default

videoplay of mac does not support all type of video format so VLC has always been my choice of video fare in every operatingsystem it's supposedalmost every videofile format and has options likeadding a subtitle changing the

videosides audio tracks and so on moreover you can also convert video fileswell allin all it's a perfect multimedia player so that's it for this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you guys have your own. Thank you

3xploi7 Team

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