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How to Enable New Look and Dark Mode on YouTube

How to Enable New Look and Dark Mode on YouTube - Hello 3xploi7er, YouTube's got a brand new look that includes a dark mode for those that want to take a trip to the dark side I'll show you how to enable it and show you the other changes coming up next on YouTube initially had this setup where you had to go into the developer

menu in chrome to enable their new look now they've made it a whole lot easier I tried this new method on several browsers including Chrome Firefox Opera and sovaldi and edge it seems to work on all of them your first step is to go

 into the address bar of your browser and type in forward slash new or you could copy the link in the description and paste it here when done hit enter this next screen will tell you all about YouTube's fresh new look it

seems they're only allowing a certain amount of new participants to opt in to their new look each day so you may get the message that says this preview is closed for now my suggestion is to keep trying

I tried late yesterday and got this message but this morning I was able to opt in if you're ready to check out YouTube's new look select try it now when you land on the YouTube homepage you'll notice a cleaner

look when you select your profile in the upper right hand corner you'll notice several options that you did not have the previous version of YouTube let's go through a few of these right now first off you have dark theme let's check out

the dark theme right now I think I'm going to leave that as the default on here you'll also change the default language can change the content location right now mine is set to the United States but I could change that to

 any other country on the list restricted mode which if you turn it on will hide inappropriate content settings and if you ever wanted to go back to the previous version of YouTube just select restore classic YouTube right here at

the bottom so far I'm a fan of the dark mode it has a similar look to the material design found on the YouTube apps for Smart TVs consoles and streaming devices like Roku when you select video you'll see that

the material design has changed for the icons and even the subscribe button has a new look all in all I would say I'm pleased with YouTube's new look it's not perfect but it's a vast improvement over its previous look so when you get the

chance check it out that concludes this video let me know in the comments what you think of the new look of YouTube including the dark mode give this video a thumbs up if it was helpful for you and if you haven't done.

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