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World’s First Flying Cars With All-Electric VTOL Jet

World’s First Electric Flying Cars With All-Electric VTOL Jet - Hello 3xploi7er, Lilium a company from Bavaria Germany has just tested the world's first fully electric VTOL jet the two-seater prototype flew without a hitch

including a transition maneuver that allowed the craft to go from a vertical takeoff seamlessly into conventional forward moving flight this is typical of a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft or VTOL for short


lilium is a startup company founded in 2015 by four students from the Technical University of Munich the headquarters are at the European Space Agency business incubator center the company's eventual plan is to release a

five-seater version with an uber like service with it the five seater version of the jet will have 36 ducted fan motors with 12 on each wing and 6 on the 2 swiveling structures that come out of the nose

together they'll produce a total of 435 horsepower the battery pack will be rated at 320 kilowatts the expected range is 300 kilometers with the top speed of 300 km/h so these guys managed to achieve the first test flight after a

10 million euro series a investment from atomic oh and London venture capital firm

What is Vitol ?

so what's the definition of VTOL this basically means an aircraft that can hover takeoff and land vertically this

includes fixed-wing aircraft as well as helicopters and other rotor designs fixed-wing VTOL aircraft are nothing new and have been experimented with since the 1950s some notable examples include the 1967

Harrier Jump Jet and the 1989 Boeing Bell v-22 Osprey the thing is that these kind of craft are notoriously complicated and hence have high maintenance costs making them very expensive to run

Williams main differentiating point is that they propose a simpler elegant solution to the fixed-wing VTOL problem they came up with a design that uses wing housings to support an array of electric engines they claim that the jet

requires no gearboxes variable-pitch propellers no water cooling and no aerodynamics tearing flaps like other craft just simply tools of all electric engines housed in a wing for takeoff the Jets wings are pointed down and when

it's time to fly it the wings tilt or transition into a horizontal position providing forward thrust so why fixed-wing VTOL and not just the regular quadcopter design and it turns out odd copters a great for vertical

takeoff but burn a lot of energy and move very slowly and forward flat these characteristics are great for observational situations but not ideal for forward flight like a conventional plane according to the lilium engineers

transition aircraft can fly three times faster and ten times further than quad copters with an equally sized battery versus regular jet engines the electric motors are much simpler to run because they only have one moving part they also

quieter with less vibration and a more energy efficient it's similar to an electric car version of a petrol car this jet comes under the category of a light sport aircraft and this only requires a minimum of 20 hours of flight

training for a pilot's license this means that more people could potentially operate the jet putting it in the running to be a suitable option for a personal flying car if that happens I really hope this great crash detection

and autopilot modes on that thing for safety for engines can foul and the craft can still perform vital operations so if this the start of the flying kite will have all been promised I mean we've already got the Chinese company in hang

starting personal aircraft flights into buying the perhaps but in reality with lilium we have to play the wait-and-see game with these guys as Nick Wilson assistant professor of aviation at the University of North Dakota puts it

lilium may have some very unique technical training regulatory and safety hurdles to overcome before they can start large-scale production for me personally I think this is a really cool concept and definitely there's been some

great engineering and thought that has gone into this design to make such a complicated feat look so easy I wish these guys all the best in the future and that's where I'm going to leave this article so thank you

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