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GTA 6 Coming In 2019 Message & Available For Pre Order Now Explained!

GTA 6 Coming In 2019 Message & Available For Pre Order Now Explained! - I would say day or so and it all seems to be this very mysterious message in Grand Theft Auto online it looks to be coming directly from Rockstar Games I'll  show you guys a couple images of what we're seeing right now but essentially all of the messages say that they're coming from Rockstar and that you can now pre-order Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA 6 whatever they have on the screen andthen it links to Rockstar Games dot-com. then there have been some messages that state that Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming out in 2019 also linking to Rockstar Games dot-com.

again very mysterious messages and these are happening in Grand Theft Auto online so even though a lot of the pictures I'm showing you don't look all that official because most people are taking them with their phones or their iPads or computers or whatever the case is instead of screen capping them in game this looks like an official message from Rockstar.

I mean it's appearing right over the mini-mapmany of the messages have the Rockstar Games logo attached to them with also the Rockstar sort of cursive sign painter font and then it says something in bold orange yellow text Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA 6 coming 2019 pre-order now stuff like that and if you didn't know any better you would just assume that that is true that this is just Rockstar promoting something that's gonna be coming out in one of their next games.

obviously a huge title GTA 6 in 2019 and this would certainly not be out of the ordinary for Rockstar to do we've seen them promoting other games on loading screens in the past like Red Dead Redemption 2 but what makes this case difference well what makes this case difference is it is fake

that's right this is happening on last generation only I think specifically on the ps3 but I have heard that Xbox 360 has been affected by this as well this is simply a case where modders are able to do something.

I don't know what I'm not particularly in tuned with the modding community and Grand Theft Auto online so I'm not sure how you go about modding on an old console like a ps3 to you know create a message like this but that's exactly what it is it's simply mater sending out mass messages to the entire lobby therein so everyone in the lobby gets something like that and this is not officially coming from Rockstar.

This isn't something that they are sending out on their own it's clearly modders it's clearly hackers it's only happening on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game and even if you didn't know this was coming from a modder or a hacker you should still have been very skeptical about this obviously rockstars next game is Red Dead Redemption - that's coming out in just a few months at the end of 2018.

It would be incredibly weird to already see the next Grand Theft Auto game GTA 6 get a release date without any information prior to it and coming out less than a year after RDR - so the date right there really just didn't make sense at all it compounds with the fact that this is clearly fake and that this is clearly happening from a mater now another thing I think is kind of shocking out of this whole thing is just how many people are still playing on the last generation version of GTA 5 that is mind-boggling to me.

So I want to hear from you guys in the comments down below if you still play on ps3 or xbox 360 let me know in the comments down below and let me know maybe why you haven't upgraded to play GTA 5 on a ps4 or an Xbox one because it hasn't been getting updates for a couple of years now so really the only way you would enjoy Grand Theft Auto online is

if you had friends that got on or you just really enjoyed this sort of free roam multiplayer aspect of it I don't even know how populated something like Grand Theft Auto online is now on those older generation systems but that apparently is where this weird rockstar games GTA 6 pre-order coming 2019 message is occurring it is not happening on Xbox one it is not happening on ps4 and it is not happening on PC either so if you're playing Grand Theft Auto online and you see this message just know that it is not from Rockstar Games officially it is fake it is coming from a mater or a hacker that has the ability to send out mass messages like this.

I will say it is very creative but at the same rate they could have done a little bit of a better job with the messaging like I can understand the pre-ordering but 2019 just doesn't make sense they also could have made it a little bit more mysterious but hey I don't really know and I can't really judge all

I know is a ton of people have been tweeting this at me over the last couple of days and I really just wanted to clear this up so now you know this is fake it is not true you don't have to worry about it and it's just something that modders and hackers are doing in Grand Theft Auto online

but anyways that's all the information that I've got for you guys in this article today let me know in the comments down below once again have you seen this message appear in your grand theft auto online lobbies do you still play on last generation let me know your thoughts opinions more in the comments down below if you did go and enjoy this article.
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