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Geico Insurance Auto Vehicle Usa Insurance Quotes

Geico Insurance Auto Vehicle Usa Insurance Quotes - Geico has been in business since 1938. Over the past 80 years, companies have grown and developed exponentially, and today the company is classified as the second largest private car insurance company in the United States.

The name Geico is an acronym for the Government Employee Insurance Company, which returns to the beginning of the company. Geico's founder, Leo Goodwin, initially targeted a customer base consisting mainly of US government employees and military personnel.

Geico Insurance Auto Vehicle Usa Insurance Quotes

The company now insures military and government personnel, as well as private consumers. In 1996, Geico became a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, led by the world's most famous investor, Warren Buffett. Over the past few years, Fortune magazine has called the insurance operations of Berkshire Hathaway property victims the most admired in the United States.

At present, Geico consists of its main unit, the Government Employee Insurance Company, along with several affiliates, including:

Geico General Insurance Company
Geico Indemnity Company
Geico Casualty Company
Geico Advantage Insurance Company
Geico Choice Insurance Company
Geico Secure Insurance Company
Geico is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland (near Washington, DC). The company also has several regional offices spread throughout the US, including locations in:

Buffalo, New York
Dallas, Texas
Frederickson, Virginia
Lakeland, Florida
Macon, Georgia
San Diego, California
Tucson, Arizona
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Woodbury, New York

There are also several service centers, which are in Iowa, Indiana and Hawaii, as well as several claim centers, which can be found in Houston, Texas, and in Seattle, Washington, and in Marlton, New Jersey.

Geico was also rated as # 1 by Kanbay Research Institute for being the most desirable insurance consumer based on the following factors:

High appreciation for customer service
Focus on staff training and development
Likewise, the owner of Geico, Berkshire Hathaway, is referred to as a leading company in the world insurance market. This rating includes:

-# 1 global insurance company based on income in 2013, based on analysis of companies in the Global Fortune 500.
-# 2 the author of private passenger car insurance with premiums directly written in 2013. (Before reinsurance transactions, including state funds. Based on US total, including regions).
Geico has also been appointed as a leader in ethical practices in the property / victim industry, and Berkshire Hathaway was appointed as a leader in ethical practices in the financial services sector by Ethisphere Magazine.

In addition, Geico achieved the highest overall score in the 2014 Functional Functions of theRester Research Mobile Auto Insurance Benchmark. With a perfect score in policy information and management categories, Forrester proclaimed Geico as "a pocket car insurance company."

Geico's Mobile App and insurance site received # 1 ranking on the Keynote 2015 Cellular Insurance Score Card, competing with top insurance companies. Geico also ranked first for technical quality, according to Keynote KCR (Keynote Competitive Research).
Other Products and Services Available
Although Geico is a major car insurance company, it also provides a wide selection of other products such as life insurance and other types of coverage, such as:

-Motorcycle insurance
-ATV insurance
-Umbrella insurance
-Homeowners insurance
-Tenant insurance
-Condo insurance
-Co-op insurance
-Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance
-Boat insurance
-Private boat insurance
-Flood insurance
-Mobile Home Insurance
-Foreign insurance
-Commercial Car Insurance
-Take insurance
-Business insurance
-Identity Protection Insurance
-Snowmobile insurance
-Car Collector Insurance
-Mexican Car Insurance
-Pet insurance
-Jewelry insurance

While companies are traditionally known for their choice of vehicle coverage, Geico does not only offer car insurance. Insurance companies offer a wide range of product and service coverage, including life insurance, homeowner insurance, and even identity theft protection.

Better Insurance Rating and Class Business Bureau
Because of its stable finances, and the timely payment of its customers' insurance claims, Geico has received a high rating from an insurance rating agency. This includes the following:

-AA + from Standard and Poor's
-Aa1 from Moody's
-A ++ from A.M. Company

Geico Insurance Auto Vehicle Usa Insurance Quotes
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