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Make money online at home with Fiverr + handheld guides

Make money online at home with Fiverr + handheld guides - This is an ebook from Giaco - one of the largest SEO community in the world . He wrote a booklet to guide how he made $ 100 a day from his own wartime experience, which I found useful and received a lot of praise and good judgment. Let's see you again.

This should apply to foreign group Facebook, because foreign groups are often censored not as strong as Indonesian, users are easy to pay a deposit and most of them have Paypal to pay for you. Indonesian has very few Paypal accounts. There are no tutorials on FIVERR like this, so it's okay to get started. You will understand exactly how I have been using today to make $ 100 a day by taking advantage of the amount of traffic from Facebook to Fiverr Gig created by me.
WHAT IS GIG GIGIVERR? GIG on Fiverr is a short name, understood as a service or product. For example, you create a service: sell cheap Netflix account $ 5 / month, this is your GIG!

This is how the money on my Fiverr account ... is equal

On top of that is his photo book, this book is a copy of his translation, I also read the article last night to see the review and read okay to write to you.
  • 1 day is $ 100 = 2.3 million.
  • 30 days is 3000 $ = 70 million VND.

WTF? I am the reader, see the month 70 million. Type: cheeks, this guy cut the wind to ignore.

Looks cool ear ear but requires hard work from you because earning money has never been easy. But you try, see if this article helps you?
$ 100 - 1 day, I think not where, because the evidence on this guy is $ 60 -70 $, one day he is $ 140. So I assume the day I earned $ 10, $ 300 earned $ 7 million also calculated. That's fine, I say straight and give the number just to see you are not "virtual" and have faith read on.
But actually I have faith that you can earn about $ 100 => to write this article for you.

First of all, I need some things from you:

  • Fiverr account.
  • Facebook account (personal account is best).
  • Paypal account - for transactions and withdrawals.
The good news is that you do not need to spend a penny to get started. Therefore, this article is a lucrative prey for young people and sisters to step into the field of making money online at home with the ability to succeed.

Take a deep breath and see the instructions below:

Step 1:

Create 2 Fiverr accounts or create one account for you. One account is Fiverr personally used to buy, the other referred to as Fiverr sell Gig used to post Gig for sale.

Step 2:

Post 1 Gig from Fiverr sell Gig, then use personal account to buy Gig. Remember 5 star rating and nice review . This will build trust for your account.

Step 3:

Access your Facebook account and join various groups related to the services you will sell. For example, if you are selling a logo, course join the groups related to this topic.

Step 4:

This is the key and also the most important step, read it carefully. You need to comment on posts related to the service you are selling. In my case, I specialize in providing service to shop owners who want to create a beautiful website through Shopify. You're thinking, "Fuck you, I do not know what web design is."
Thank you, Shopify does not ask people to know anything about website code. You just have to be creative and take some time to understand - the difficulties will be over quickly.
Shopify uses built-in interfaces that let you customize them by dragging and dropping features, which are easy to learn and master.

Step 5:

You should comment on the posts in the groups you joined earlier with your Gig link and useful information related to that person's post. This way you can attract a large number of potential customers to your Fiverr Gig. 
You can comment reply to the poster or create acc clone to ask the type of comment and comment seed is pretty ok.

YOU NEED: talk smart, professional with potential customers. After all this effort, this is the last step before they decide to pick you up and start a new one. So you should be serious in this game if you want to increase the chances of customers choosing you, not anyone else.

Step 6:

Maintain push ups and content by repeating step 4 every 2-3 days. This helps new or unsuspecting people know your gig on Fiverr.
By following the six steps above, you will create a cost-free, cost-effective gig for your Fiverr and reach your customers. Not having any fixed income, but trying to add a little luck will help you earn money by your own efforts.
Comparing your Gigs with the Gigs of other Fiverr members, you will have the idea of ​​offering more reasonable pricing or better descriptions to better your opponent's gigs.

Few articles on this article and surveys on future home based online money making articles:

I have been asked to write about "programming guide", "how to make money online", ... Today I wrote and wrote a lot of ideas. But….
Would you like to explore what kind of "online money" is going to be in the future? Do you have any difficulty? If so, please comment below. I am very willing to share my knowledge for you !!!

3xploi7 Team

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