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How To Bypass Fshare, 4share links + Max Speed

How To Bypass Fshare, 4share links + Max Speed - Hello brothers, come to the series of tricks in the first week of the new year. I would like to introduce a simple script to identify Link, and create a button to redirect to Get Link page for the link to download max-speed speed. bỏ qua Fshare

1. Introduce Bird-ling script:

Script Bird-ling is written by little Nguyen Duy - owner of ITRUM. Currently known as Duy Bird after creating a group of Data Bird Community .
This script is primitive but works stably and continuously updated. The good news is that Duy Bird has Bird-ling plan to fly high and far so there will be an extension in the future for you too.
Script Bird-ling release on February 9 and received important updates:
  • Version 0.1: Identify Link Fshare, in Websites.
  • Version 0.2: Get Link button right in Fshare Website
  • Version 0.3: Get Get Link button right in
To make it easier to imagine, you can look at the picture below:
Get Link button right in the Fshare download page

2. Instructions for using Bird-ling before using:

Step 1: Install Santa - Tampermonkey allows executing Bird-ling script.
Link to install Tampermonkey right on the browser:
Step 2: Install the Bird-ling script via the button below:
∴ ∴ ◊ ∴ ∴
∴ ∴ ∴ ◊ ∴ ∴ ∴
.... when clicking on it will show a summary table asking you to install this script? As shown below:
boldly click Install  to install your Bird-ling. Rest assured there is no malicious code because this open source script is completely, you can see it directly in the Source Code line below to check.

3. Watch the installation video & enjoy the results:

Demo 2 delicious Fshare links for test brothers:
Quick demo video:
Ok, I have completed the Bird-ling tutorial, if I have any questions, please leave a comment below this article.
Through this, I also on behalf of the community send my thanks to Duy Bird - who has created extremely quality gadgets for you to use. Hopefully in the near future my group will fly high and beyond as its name
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