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How to Display The Latest Update Article Search Results Google

How to Display The Latest Update Article Search Results Google - Usually when I surf Google, I happen to see a lot of shared articles written a few years ago, but the day of the Google display shows up a few days ago. I'm quite curious and looking for brand ...
Psychology users always want to read the latest post instead of the old one a few years ago. And today I will guide tips for people to help the article "always keep new" every time you update. I get Newspaper theme on WordPress for example because Newspaper is a popular news theme used by many people, as well as blog Share Now using it.
This tip fixes directly in child-theme that does not affect the original source so that when updating the theme you do not have to do it again. In fact, you can also install additional plugins, but I don't like this because it makes the website more cumbersome.

See step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: First, you need a child-theme for Newspaper. Simple to understand like this:
Child-theme is a network of people, where you can freely test everything without having to:
  • Fear of losing the fixes after updating the original theme, usually when updating the theme it will overwrite the original folder of the theme.
  • Self-structure the same folder as the original theme, edit - add - delete and apply it to the web interface (when you choose child-theme as the main interface). Missed? Delete the file or folder in the child-theme without affecting the original theme.
Ok, did you understand the child-theme? How to create it is also very simple, I don't think that you do WordPress without knowing it, so it will not guide.
Step 2: Next, we need to correct file to the "displaying the latest update date" effect is: includes/wp_booster/td_module_single_base.phpOk, don't be fooled by the original Newspaper theme folder.
From the Newspaper's child-theme folder, you create the same structured folder and create a file with the same name. Copy the content from the original file of the last Newspaper theme and we proceed to edit the file td_module_single_base.phpin Newspaper-child:
Create folders and files with the same structure and content in Newspaper-child theme
Step 3: search phrase: get_the_timefile td_module_single_base.php: and replaced get_the_timethe get_the_modified_timepicture below:
Ok, save the file and read the next section.
Similarly, in child-theme you create the following path: includes/wp_booster/td_module.phpand copy the content td_module.phpfrom the original theme through.
Search phrase: get_the_timefile td_module.php: and replaced get_the_timethe get_the_modified_timepicture below:
Ok, saving this file is done.
From now on searching on Google will show the most recently updated posts.

Hey, Share Just then did you do it or show us that you still leave the default?

As soon as writing this article is Share Now edited it a / e. I have to wait for Google for a while to update my future articles. Now I will fix the article more so that the results displayed when searching on Google are always refreshed.

Top benefits of displaying last updated / modified date:

  • Blog readers will see when the article was last updated. That makes them feel "reassured" when the article is always updated.
  • The results displayed when searching on Google will also show the most recent update / revision date for the articles you just updated.
I believe this article has a great effect, I feel that the JNews theme is available but the Newspaper has not been updated yet. So I wrote 1 article, through this article you can know how to update every file in any WordPress theme without breaking the original theme structure as well as "tranquilizer" for readers to look for new thing.
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