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Download Line MOD Premium v9.2.2 Premium APK 2019

Download Line MOD Premium v9.2.2 Premium APK 2019 Unlimited - The Line Module is an edited version of Messenger Line that is more available than its original version, so you can use it

Maybe you're the one who downloads the sticker on the line!

You know that to download free stickers from other countries, you should either have your phone number listed on Linton or delete your phone number, then clear it and then come up with a Facebook account.

Would you like to be the first person to download a new theme?
With this version, you can download and use free downloads for free at any cost without having to download and transfer the theme file separately. With just a few simple touches the theme you want. download ….

Ability to log out of your account and re-enter it without deleting chat and stickers!
For some reason, you will be logged out of the line and will be deleted by re-entering all the chats and stickers you downloaded and you will need to download a lot of them again. With this version you can easily log out and re-enter without having to chat or Delete your stickers.

Download Line MOD Premium v9.2.2 Premium APK 2019

Ability to run other themes in the program by transferring the theme file to a folder that is intended for the program ...

Chatting with your friends without a message! You can turn off the Read option by using the program's settings ...

Method of installing the modem
If you are using the line, you can update the version line of the new version, but if you are using the original line, you must clear the line and then uninstall it! And then install the modem if you still do not have it installed. Make sure you have a color line in your phone. Then clear them and then uninstall and then you can enter by email or facebook. Top

Some of the line features are available

-Thank you to download free all the money-based themes
-Move the chat background
-Remove a phone number with a simple touch (for stickers)
-Remove Read from messages (something everyone is looking for)
- Read eating the message after answering (the time for the message is spoken; you do not ask if you read the message after reading it)
-Go from the account without deleting stickers and chats
-There is a theme changer that you can run unofficial themes
To use this feature, you need to open a folder in the memory inside of your phone, called LINE-theme, then zip the temporal file and place it in the folder, then go to god mode and apply the theme that is the bottom of the theme.

- Format message and then to more than 10 people
- Use your camera phone instead of the B612 camera
And it has all the features of the main line of version 8. 18.1 ...

New version changes:

- Stickers appear in chat by typing a word
-  For example, by typing Hi, you can see the suggested script for posting. (Previously, only an Ovi recommendation appeared.)
-  Read unread messages (hold on your chat and select Mark as read)
-  Added a new font in the photo editing area before posting.

To enable the mode, go to the About / God Mode section

Download Line MOD Premium

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