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How To Get Adguard Premium Free Lifetime 2020

How To Get Adguard Premium Free Lifetime - Hello probably already knew the information: Google ADS has been implementing a campaign to prevent users from using AdBlocker via Manifest V3 update. This prevents Extension from using Api Webrequest (blocking before it is loaded) to block Request from Ads.

When Google is increasingly difficult with ad blocking extensions. But advertising a / e already know, I hate it. Should page Share Right or Yam Code I do not set 1 ads is that reason.

Google "makes it difficult" to advertise gadgets, is there any solution besides stopping you and Chrome?

I have just tested it on all browsers that use Chromium kernel and found that uBlock Origin is affected hưởng . I have Adguard's trial, it is quite OK because its ad blocking method is different with the rest of the extension block ads world.

How To Get Adguard Premium Free Lifetime

After a while searching for the debugger that Adguard's Webrequest API function, I really have to say I changed my perception about Adblocker, I am no longer a uBlock fanboy.

1. Why do I recommend Adguard brothers?
There are 4 biggest reasons I suggest you choose Adguard:

There is trick to get 100% free Adguard key in 1 year.
- AdGuard today updated to version 7.0 very nice interface, with Dark Theme. In addition, they support very well.

- The price of the lifetime package is very cheap (celebrating 10 years birthday), it costs 143k.
Block ads IN-APP: ie you use phones with ads in an application, Adguard also supports blocking, not just browsing the browser.

- Adguard is powerful not only for Web Browser but also for Ads IN-APP
Cons: available for Android, PC apps (MacOS, Windows), Chrome browser addon but not for iOS . This is a big omission. 🙁

This article will introduce 2 tips, which is the trick to get the Adguard key for free in 1 year or how to buy a super cheap lifetime package only 143k.

2. Trick get the Adguard key for free for 1 year:
Step # 1: access the following link to join the Beta Adguard test program

Step # 2: enter the correct information according to that form to register. Remember to enter the correct email because people will send the key via email.

Step # 3: wait for the email to send the key to 🙂

And they will send a License Key

3. Buy a super cheap permanent Adguard you get -50% (10-year birthday anniversary)

I highly recommend if you have some conditions, then buy a key that supports people, and can be used permanently. A couple of things work a lot for you.

Previously, it decreased by 50%, I took a key of 288k. May 31, it dropped again (due to its 10-year birthday). If there is 117k copyright per PC + 1 Android, if you buy for 2, buy 1 Android or PC, the price is 143k.

Be honest about it right away, thanks to an acquaintance with your VISA card. These support is very good, if you miss buying the key 288k before sending the ticket, it will refund it also refund. It's vler so I bought another 2 keys for my brother.

How to buy Adguard key lifetime as follows:
Step # 1: fake ip to Russia, you can use Hotspot Shield.

Link to install Hotspot Shield on Chrome: click to install Hotspot Shield for free.  After installing you remember Connect to location Russian and then step 2 home.

Step # 2: Go to the Adguard home page and select the lifetime item and pay.

Link for a quick access:

You add payment cards as usual, generally buying online is probably not easy to guide.

Step # 3: note that when the mail sent key must login the Adguard account to add the key. The next time you reinstall the device or switch the device, deactive the old machine is not going to throw the key away.


You should quickly register for Adguard's 10-year birthday in just a few days (the promotion will expire quickly - there will be information to inform you about June 5 will stop this terrible sale). There will be no chance of a good price like this in the future.

Ok, I have completed the tutorial. I wish you a great Sunday and this tip!
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